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    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    Well, there’s only one person who’s putting the money on the table
  2. After the dark times and silence, it is time to roll up another shooter even hosted by me. Pretty much a classic approach this time, all vs all, more people the better (make sure to invite your friends as well). - Event will take a place on 25th of September 2021 at 20:00 CET (CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIME) - We will play on our event server event.mrgreengaming.com:22003 - No registration fee - We will play 15 maps 1 round each - Cheating and using exploits (such as grenade bug) is prohibited! - Groundkill is allowed - Teaming is not allowed - 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 3 and 3rd place gets 2, each kills means +1 point - Type your nickname down below to make sure you are in - [SH] Shade Of Madness - [SH] Shade Of Madness 2.0 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 3.0 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 4.0 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 5.0 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 6.9 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 7.0 - [SH] Shade Of Madness 8.0 - SH-ForcesAgainstPro - [SH] Battle Of Soldiers - [SH] ~Shadow~ ft. xLoliconito - Endless Runners - [SH] NorTon World - [SH] Bad day to kill [SH] Big Fucking Madness - [SH] Gk only 1st place: 7 000 GCs 2nd place: 3 000 GCs 3rd place: 2 500 GCs (Rewards might increase if we will have more players in)
  3. Micha3lo

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    GIVEME MY DAMN VIP, CJ - [SH] Shade Of Madness 8.0 - [SH] Dubby ft. Khyrox - Funtasma I
  4. why server is offline

  5. Micha3lo

    Share your paintjobs :)

  6. Micha3lo

    Share your paintjobs :)

  7. Micha3lo

    Mateoryt Admin application

    Good luck
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    Show your desktop background!

    2021-03-07 18-20-18.mp4
  9. We don't, that's why I suggested Nick to do it
  10. Micha3lo

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck!
  11. Micha3lo


    That's not really a map fault, but rather an actual CTF bug. I don't know if it's going to be fixed anytime soon at this point, but thanks for reporting anyway.
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