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MD's Application as Administrator (MTA Race)


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Hello, I'm MD or [FMJ]MD. A few of you might know me, others not. I am not very known as player around here because I joined this community not long ago, I mostly play on the MTA Race server, sometimes on the mix server (its rather unsual to meet me there though). I decided to apply because I noticed that the Race Server trutly needs a few Administrators or Moderators.


Gameserver: MTA Race Server
Country of origin: Germany
Link to Steam Community profile *: /
Minecraft name **: MDez31

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Before i start with the positive things, I would like to state a reason why i might not be chosen as admin:Not many people know me, that's a disadvantage. Furthermore You cannot really rely on what i'm saying here for the simple reason that you don't know me well. But i think i could convince you into trusting me. I think I'm fitting into a position as am admin because I have very much expirience in it:


I had started playing MTA in the early dp 2.3 ages back in 2009 (some might remember the time). There, i was connected to a deathmatching community called "SFDM". It was a popular server maintaining high standarts. I was lucky to experience my first administrative tasks there. When MTA 1.0 released in 2011 or 2012(?), I came close to racing and roleplaying. That was the time when I became an admin on a popular race server (don't want to tell the name, might count as advertisement?). I did a good job there as well. Next to that, I became gamemaster and administrator at Valhalla Roleplay Gaming (that was a community with extremely high standarts, only the most dedicated players would become admins there).


All of my ongoing experience shows that I have learnt how to respectfully deal with players and show authority (as being an admin is a responsible position). I can tell that I have a very good sense of justice (not lastly because I am accepted for a position in the police in real life). I am also a communicative person with a high tolerance (I wouldn't abuse my administrative rights when provoked).


Another positive thing about me is that I can speak english, german and russian. I think these languages cover a lot of origins of the race servers.


•I try to be online as often as possible on the server and IRC.


•I am an active player on the race server. I noticed, that many administrators hang out on the mix server instead of  on the race server. It would be helpful to promote a few players in the race server as admins.



What can I else say?

Of course, handing someone an adminpanel ingame means you need to be able to trust the person, which is not really possible in my case right now due to the fact that i haven't dealt with administators much on this server. But my opinion is that the race server totally lacks administrative handling and there should be done something about it. Why not hand me over a "helper status" or "moderator status" for the beginning to see if you can rely on me? If you give me a chance to prove myself, i'll promise that you won't regret it.

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I really liked your application, very explicit and it shows that you put up some effort into it.

I don't pay much attention but I don't really think I've seen you and I would really like to see you ingame.


 I just have one question. As you said, you've joined this community not while ago, but why did you applied here?


It's not my call and I think my question won't affect on anything, but I just had the curiosity.



Best of lucks.

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First of all thanks for the good wishes. 


Refering to Retards question: As i stated in my application, i have lately noticed that especially the race server definitely needs more staff. Even though i'm new to this community, i am familiar with being an administrator and so i thought: why not apply as an administrator, so i can come in handy for the race server? It surely wouldn't harm. Apart from that, i enjoy being helpful for other players(you might have heard this sentence as a weak argumentation often enough though). And beyong this point, i think rule-breakers should get their appropriate punishment. I have very often seen that people have to call administrators to come over from the mix server to take actions. So for me, there is no reason not to apply as an administrator. I mean, I don't see being an admin as an exhausting task, but rather as an occupation. When I'm playing on the server anyway, why not support players coincidentally?

Another thing: Since I'm applying kind of "early", your question seems totally rightful to me. But i thought myself i should just try right now. If it won't work out, then i will try again in a few months when more people get to know me. 

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