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    Moderator Application

    Good guy. +1 from me
  2. MegasXLR


    ^ You lowered rounds, great. They can still buy ONLY marker maps one after the other. The problem's not that we play the same map 3 times but that we play ONLY marker maps all day. Consider that cooldown thing. 1 marker map per hour - it will get replayed 3 times anyway so it's gonna take 10-12mins of 60 each hour, seems fair since that's around 1/6 of an hour. And marker maps will come in votemanager so it will be more than that anyway but it won't be ONLY marker maps nonstop.
  3. MegasXLR


    Cooldown for marker maps. Only one can be bought per hour or two. It's more than enough when 90% of the time it gets repeated to the max. Shouldn't be too hard to make either as those maps have an include in their meta.xml for the markers (i think).
  4. MegasXLR

    just curious

    In F6 there's something like Locked Nicknames or similar. You can save up to 10 nicknames i think.
  5. MegasXLR

    Bridge Fix

    This is a bug. You don't need polls to fix bugs.
  6. MegasXLR


    Language chat would never work
  7. MegasXLR

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck man
  8. Your profile pic always makes me happy :)

  9. MegasXLR

    Top 15 Tournament

    Really at 8pm xd? I'll try but we have dinner around that time so meh
  10. MegasXLR

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    I'll try to come if we have dinner before then [SiK]Megas
  11. MegasXLR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    You'd be a great map manager & I wish you good luck bro but don't get your hopes up.
  12. MegasXLR

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    Good luck, Nick! We need someone who actually cares for race more than mix for this. Cena was mix player so him being server owner didn't mean shit for the race server. Same for Dubby, as he's said he won't touch it as it's not his main place. We need someone to finally get rid of bullshit like the destiny crap, 90% of ka4a and tesla's shit and some pachanga and yoshi maps. Kali may be working on a new server but unless those idiotic maps get removed it wouldn't mean nothing - just a fancy outer look and same rotten core in the form of retarded maps. I don't think you'll get accepted as 95% of admins seem to like mix more than race and don't want to fix race but still good luck.
  13. MegasXLR

    Bind button to ingame command

    Admins better avoid binding P to a command
  14. K-DST is my favourite GTA:SA radio :P

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