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Santiii733 Admin Application Mta race/mix

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Gameserver: Multi Theft Auto server

Age: 16

Average weekly playtime: 40 hours (around 10 hours in weekends, Thx for school 4 hours )

Active hours: In weekends 17:00~03:00(UTC - 3 Hours), In times of school Sunday And days of week 19:00~23:00(UTC - 3 Hours)

Month & Year of Birth: 1997 year, 23 december
Country of origin: Argentina
Languages able to communicate in: Spanish, English

Link to Steam Community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Avg733/

Minecraft name : N/A

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


My real name is Santiago, I am 16 years old, i am from Argentina, But I have a real life and I go out with friends, I have martial art that i am red belt or grade and I have school I still have time. And, well, I started to play mta in August 2012 And then I found the server mrgreen. I really liked the server, was very well done the panel. But I came for the fun, My job is to help the server And to help other players. But when I connect on the weekend until late, There is no administration. I am mature with the admin i'm not  just a random player who wants to be admin for fun. Because there are campers or blockers in mix I see it and i can't do anything. Also I see that there is toptimes hacks or hydra bug in race.


The first thing is the real life and then the fun.


My work is to help.


Sorry for english, I do what i can :P




PS: This application is nearly 1 year old   :o  previous app is open But I am not responded


oh and the cake :D



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To be an admin you shouldn't be associated to any clan, because that could lead to unpleasent comments, what we should avoid at most.


For what I've seen, you use DoN's clan tag, and that is an issue to your admin application...

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