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[Hack] Concept Topic


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Now I've taken up the role of Manager And along side that actively streaming, I'm putting this project on hold.


Hi guys, Balmung here, and I've decided to leave the world of Java and move into lua. I've had a little bit of lua experience before making several scripts for games but never anything to this scale.

The primary purpose of this topic is really just to get some feedback on the concept and the proposed content, although I am mostly doing this for myself I do want it to be something that people would enjoy.


What is Hack?


So hack is just another gamemode for Garrys Mod, Hack is a type of territorial control game where one team will try to defend an objective where as It's theopposing teams Job to take it over meaning that the gamemode will consist of 2 teams, These 2 teams are called 'Security' And 'hackers'. The 'Security' will always be the defenders and vice versa.


The role of the hackers is that they must access terminals which are scattered accross each map, Each terminal will start with a 5 minute timer that is paused. The hackers must get to the terminal and hack it, this will be done by holding down the action key (E) and takes 3 seconds to complete.

Once a terminal is hacked it will begin counting down to 0. Once the timer reaches 0 the terminal is fully hacked and cannot be rebooted, when all the terminals have reached 0 then the game is over and the hackers have won.


It's the job of security to defend these terminals, security will be able to halt a terminal counting down by 'patching' it, this is done the same way It's hacked taking 3 seconds whilst holding down the action key.

Security will win the game if they are able to keep 60% of their terminals running, The game timer will last for 10 minutes and only decrease providing no terminals are currently being hacked.


What about the combat?


So now we know what the gameplay is It's time to explain what keeps the game moving, the combat.

The combat in this game is pretty much the standard deathmatch style, see an enemy, shoot an enemy respawn and repeat. Friendly fire would be turned off as a default.


The system I'm planning for weapons is a 3 slot system, A primary weapon, A melee weapon and a utility weapon.

Primary weapons go without saying, this is your traditional AK-47/M15/Handguns etc, melee weapons again are relatively standard, and are distinguised dpeending on team, Security would get a melee weapon like a baton where as hackers would get a baseball bat.

It's the utility weapon where most of the difference occurs, each team will be able to access an item which will help them to specifically defend or take their objective, here is a few examples of the kind of item for the utility slot.



Team: Hackers

Type: 1-use

Description: Instantly hacks a terminal


Item:  Encrypter

Team: Security

Type: 1-use

Description: Blocks first hack attempt on a terminal


Item:  Body-Armor

Team: Both

Type: Regenerate on Respawn

Description: Gives a 100 hit shield.


So the big question about this is, how do you obtain items? At the start of each round each member has a set of points that they can use, by default everyone will have enough points for 1 Primary, 1 Melee and 1 utility, however theres nothing to stop someone buying 2 utilities and a melee weapon.

One point can be earned by getting a kill or an assist and 5 points to everyone on the team if a terminal is taken out. For the Security they will recieve 3 points for every minute that all terminals are safe.

Extra points will also be awarded for succesflly hacking/patching terminals,


Whats this topic for?


This is purely concept, It's something I /want/ to work to, and It's something I want to make great. Something I don't think I can pull off without the support of people here.

I'd really appreciate feedback on everything so far, and I'd love ideas from the people here that I could implement, I've only scratched the surface with what will be included but everything Is still a work in progress, I'll keep this topic updated as changes to these plans happen, and once things get off the ground I'll make this the development topic.



Power to the masses.

Balmung out.

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I saw the topic the day that u made it but i didnt read anything, just the Topic Title, i thought u were making that kind of hacks for windows bugging your pc and blablabla...


Anyway, i read it :D, i like so much the idea Balmung, reminds me so much Rush from Battlefield.


About classes i think you should change the baseball bat of the hackers for another melee, idk, a knife, razor, an electrocutator or something, i mean, what kind of hacker has a baseball bat in his jacket lol.


This looks cool for a hacker:



And about level ups would be cool to have a level or a way to know who has played too much to this and who is a new, a way to make classes with the guns that can earn levels too, cammos, u know, stuff that people like, a cammo with green faces for donators lol.. 12r.png


I need to clear up that idk anything about gmod or scriting so idk if this stuff that im saying is possible, anyway, keep going, i like this idea and, is there a way to test it for the moment? server or something? 

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