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5 New maps.

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Hi, i just wanted to say if you guys are looking for some new maps for the server, here are some new ones i have.


Please tell me if i done something wrong.


Some info on each map, they can all be gotten on the workshop for garrysmod:


zs_infected_facility, a facility out in nowhere that has been infested by some sort of virus, you need to barricade in the area until help arrives:


zs_zombie_village, a small village taken over by zombies, the remaining inhabitants take refugee in the houses until help hopefully arrives:


zs_dockhouse, small house out on a island, myths say a fisherman lived there but died, and cursed the island with zombies:


zs_shore, some little house on the corner of a cliff, infested by zombies crawling up from the ships and ocean:


zs_abandon_factory, a small shutdown power plant full of zombies, the humans need to survive until they can escape:



Part of my "Redone" Series where i take old maps i made and revive them.

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