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Taking a Laid-Back Approach to MC Server


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So much for me taking a break from Mr. Green.


You've been trying to do too much Kodauer and thats where things have gone wrong, you want to run multiple servers for a small-medium player base and it simply wont work so you need to make a choice, Do you want a factions server? Do you want survival server? Do you want a pvp serveR? do you want a creative server? Pick something, but not all 4 of them at once.


People also get bored quickly and theres minimal-to-none in regard of advertising, and even if new people do join they quickly turn away because the factions environment isn't suiteable for taking on new members weeks into a map, you should be bumping a topic on the minecraft forums daily, do something which encourages others to post there, make them apply for some status. Anything that gets us noticed is a good thing.


You've worked wonders and you've stopped the server from truly being dead, But you just tried to make things too technical, advanced too fast. What the server needs is a big old wipe. Start from Square 1 and try and build from there, we need proper direction, proper commitment from the admin team and a proper advertising strategy.

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Man oh man I've been there and got the t-shirt, so I know exactly what its like. I did the same thing of trying to please everyone to quickly and do to much in one go. My first term of zs developer drove all the regs away and emptied the sub forum. 


I stripped the server right down and started again. I spoke with admins what the main concerns were, and how important they were and did small little updates week after week. Its only now 5 weeks later that the server has recovered. So I think you need to chill out on your own for a few days and collect some thoughts. 


Remember simplicity and small details is what makes something standout. Even a simple colour could make the whole server feel different. :)


Hope this advice helps.

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