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Unbalanced Maps

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Basically starting this thread to keep track of maps that needs to be changed.

We got a lot maps at the moment that are unbalanced in current game state.

Lots of zombies rage-quit often if they can't get kills fast enough and the game will just be boring as there aren't enough zombies.



Hard for new players as they just mindlessly walk into the big area of snow and get raped by humans, zombies will just leave the game.

  • Needs removal.


Basically impossible for humans to win, no strategic advantages just hallways and shit.

  • Needs removal.

subversive part 4

Overpowered cade opportunity on top of the ladder at the zombie spawn.

  • Needs modification: remove orange crate in the small room.

fridge of doom

Map doesn't add any value to ZS.

  • Needs removal.


Really unbalanced in the beginning of the game, all humans go to the restricted area where there are no hitboxes and camp there.

  • Needs modification: hitboxes on every part of those roofs.


The roof on the main building is still accessible on some parts without getting hit.

  • Needs modification: more hitboxes.
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subversive pt4 is a pretty good map with the big flaw of a big fucking straight ladder chute to mow down zombies.  Remove the cading cart but keep the room, as it's a nice area to camp plus it's the only way to get to the vent.


oh and making sure a crate doesn't spawn in the room won't help one bit due to Pulse SMG

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