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Game server: Green's Zombie survival

Age: 18

Country of origin: England

Little something about myself and why I think I'm fit to be admin:

*I'm mature and won't abuse powers

*I know a lot about admin

*I don't ban people unless the hack or need to be banned

*I'm always playing Zombies on Green's server in Garry's mod

*I'm an experienced video gamer and Mr.Greens Zombie Survival is my favorite game

*RoboRobb is my friend and we talk on steam and play all the time so I know about admin and how to use it.

*I prefer Mr.Green's server to Nox witch sucks

*I chat with capital letters(Like This, NOT THIS) and use commas etc.

*I'm funny

*I'm dedicated

*I wish I was sexy

*I will not give players guns, ammo, health etc.

*I know just about everything about admin like only to rave break when last human asks.

My In-game user name is "<Night-Hawk>"

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*I chat with capital letters and use commas etc

Pretty annoying when people use capitalized letters..

Also, I haven't seen you on the server.

Haven't you got any previous experience? If yes, from where? And as what?

He said capital letters, not capitalized. Which means he just uses capital letters like you and me :V

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Everyone who seen hasn't me is because if Changed my name recently to Night-hawk.

I also had to reformat because of a virus but didn't really want to so I didn't turn it on for like a week.

After I finally did I had to re download all my stuff.

I also have a broken arm.

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*I'm mature and won't abuse powers

Haha, I'd really like to see that happening.

Admin not abusing his/her powers... :'-)

I know it sounds impossible, but it isn't. :V

Lies, it is.

Or you were send by the god of server administration themselves and your name is Mayco.

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Like I said I have things going on and am not a player who plays all the time. I also have a broken arm so you won't see me on a lot.

I also do see most of the people who say they don't see me, I'm not much of a chatter box. :P

Got my cast off and have bin playing recently.

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