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Console load of errors


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Well... the title says all loads of loads of errors! Why? idk lol im not a coder  :lol: but i hope someone can fix this annoying problem that spam the console of $h!t here some screenshots

The console says Well Bye for no reason http://prntscr.com/4zmxcx

And here other strange errors (the big problem) http://prntscr.com/4zmxvx



oh again Well bye


[Mr.Green Gaming] Ranze61: read
Well bye
[Mr.Green Gaming] Ranze61: and lear
Well bye
[Mr.Green Gaming] Ranze61: learn
Warning: Unhandled usermessage 'recranfirstzom'
Well bye
Well bye
[Mr.Green Gaming] Ranze61: cya
] disconnect
Well bye
Well bye
Why Well bye :|
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Found the problem a while ago but only spoke to Duby briefly about it, it's a bug with the Grenade hold type.


dunno about "Well bye", a new console item appears called "WraithEffect", which I assume appears every time a Wraith teleports/something related to Wraith teleporting.

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