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{MAP} Muscle Country Race {NEW}

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{MAP} Muscle Country Race {NEW}










Hi guys, yesterday I made my first map, but I made 60 spawn points on 15 positions so the cars are into one another. My question is how can I make it so that when the map starts, ghostmode is on and after a certain cp i want ghostmode to turn off. Please help me out :)

Map Spoiler : it's called "Muscle Country Race" and has about 35 checkpoints. Will upload a video when all is finished ;)


And my other question is how I can add music into my map?

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Hi download CAM00101.zip file and look this video this video about how turn off ghostmode remember true is for turn off ghostmode false in 5 cp ghostmode are disable. 


Then about music download Desktop.zip file then look video if you something don't understand contact me. 


Oh yes don't forget copy this <file src="files/music.mp3" /><script src="music.lua" type="client" /> in meta.xml. 



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Everything's working fine. Last thing, how can I have the song name appear under the "Toggle Music..." text in a different colour than white?

Also there is no countdown when I test my map, is this normal?


Adding the mode to the map name would be nice, also don't forget the original author to the credits.
Keep the filename of your map simple and don't forget to add the mode with -. No one will ever see the filename so you don't need to add your nick for credit.


So how should my map name look : Muscle Country Race-Race ?

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