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Not uploaded, weather isn't good for fps and some cps are to confusing

I'll move the checkpoints.  About weather - which is best for fps? (i don't care what weather my map is with, just not rainy)


EDIT : OP updated with fixed map with dark cloudy weather, a little redesign on route and more checkpoints so noone gets lost (still have to look at mini-map, tho).

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Hi again. So i managed to scale down my map to 9.3 MB unzipped but that's about as low as I can get without removing the essential two custom vehicles from it. I know the (updated) rules state that the folder has to be under 8 MB but do you think it's possible to upload this one? :)

EDIT : Removed

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{MAP} NFS : San Andreas {NEW}



Lenght : ~ 5 minutes

   Songs : Killradio - Scavenger & The Vacation - I'm No Good

Other : BMW and Police Chopper from NFS MW (2005);

AleksCore's awesome NFS arrows ofcourse ;Ghost Mode Off After 5th Checkpoint

                             Alenator helped me a lot with this map so credit goes 50/50 to both of us xD


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