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Mr. Green Gaming

Server stops?


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Welp, look's like Mr Green Forums and live map shall be leaving my recents and favourites on my browser ;-;

Looks like I'll have to find a new server although, I prefer littler communities and to watch them grow but it seems I just have to accept that's not going to happen.

Wish I got to be more friendly with all of you :P


Been A Good One.



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Wait what.

Is Mrgreen stopping? srsly?

This server was the first server where i ever played on!

Will this server stop?

I loved the time er (except the time of my ban)

I wish i never got banned -> I never installed that hax shit

so i could enjoy the server for longer!

I'm going to miss you all! except yorkie_pro, i hate that fag.

And will my GC be payed back?

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Now lets hope www.minecraft.nl turns into a nice promotional cash cow :Y


Still remember when I tried it and the "faction" (blackbird I think) asked me to come on skype. It was quite strange considering the MTA community probaly is an average of 10 years old then the minecraft community. All those high pitch voices out of nothing ;)

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