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[MTA] Map Manager Application

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

Gameservers: MTA Race, MTA MIX

Ingame nick: AleksCore

Age: 21

Country of origin: Belarus

Steam: link


My real name is Aleksey, I live in Minsk - the capital of Belarus. The only game I playing - MTA San Adnreas. It's perfect game for me, because: 1) I can have fun here while listening favorite music. 2) Communicate with people on different languages. 3) Can make some creative things like maps or scripts.


I'm applying for "Map Manager" post. I'm pretty active on forums and ingame. I have enough knowledges about mapping and scripting. I understand what maps is decent and what maps is bad. I'm totally agree with all mapping rules. I don't see any obstacles to take this position. I don't know what you need to know more about me and don't want to make this application very huge.


Thanks for reading.

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