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[MTA]Miodek Killer Application.


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Hello guys. I would like to submit an application:


Gameserver: MIX and Race server moderator
Age: 21 years old
Country of origin: Poland
Link to Steam Community profile *: -i do not have-
Minecraft name **: -i do not have-
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:  My real name is Peter i live in one of the cities of Bielsko-Biała, Polish. I was born 19 November 1993(today my Today is my birthday ^_^ ) My adventure with GTA San Andreas Multiplayer started 6 years ago. Then put on your server on SA:MP. The MTA started playing three years ago on your server with wujek. I played two years and I did break. Now playing for two months. Why should I become a moderator? I play here for quite a while. During my games have gained the respect of many players. Do not offend anybody, I play quietly. I'm not like other Poles. I would also like to introduce a little order in the morning then a few people and once someone enters a terrible rammer. I know good English so if you have any trouble when a player is killed he will explain everything. I hope that what I have written enough.


Thank you and best regards, Honey

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