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zs_subversive_part4 - released

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===== Subversive Part 4 =====

The fourth part of my subversive maps. This one does not continue from the previous one. It is a continue from V1 but from the other side. You will see once you try it.

=== Features ===

- Ground nodes.

- Few Healthvials.

- Ambient sounds.

- Many zombie entrances.

- Many camp rooms.

- Deadly trap. >:D

- Stable FPS.

- And more...


Note: I'm not playing the latest ZS version but I had to test the map on it. I have used few func_breakable at the zombie spawn and the vent but somehow I couldnt break them as a zombie. I dont know if thats a bug or something. But i'm sure it can be fixed with some lua works.

Link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70685





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DEADLY TRAP??? o crap. im always one of those guys who gets warned of the trap 1 second after i activate it :o

But what kind of trap?

Spikez. explosion. fall?

But it looks like a awesome map.

Press the button and you will see. :D

@Clavus: well I am thinking for 1 last part5 but ain't gonna start it soon.

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Guys these kind of ladders are sometimes glitchy dependso n how you use it. Even me sometimes cant use it cuz I am not in the right poisition. But when I press the 'Use' key it works perfectly. About the vents? Cant break? Thats only ZS v2 issue. ;O

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