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Lambda Wars (formerly known as Half-Life 2 Wars)

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Hello everyone!

Today I am showing you a mod, a Half-Life 2 in the version of an RTS!


Please view this trailer:



Good, let's continue.


Half-Life 2 universe is my personal favourite.

When I was a kid I used to play a lot of RTS, starting with Command & Conquer: Generals, moving to Age of Empires and other RTS games.

When I saw my favourite universe in RTS, this instantly became my personal favourite mod.

So what's in it?


Literally, everything you've seen in HL2: Combine soldiers, metrcocops, gun turrets, grenades, Striders, headcrabs, zombies, rebels, crossbows, RPG's, Vortigaunts and so forth. All of that you control.

It is still in Beta however, which means that some content will still be missing.


The mod runs on Alien Swarm engine which means... yes, that's right - it's free! You don't need to have any source games installed.


Please check it out! Here is the Steam store link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/270370/


And finally, just as a heads up, I take part in their developer team!

Hope you enjoy! :)

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I noticed that nobody has really seen this thread.


Guys, I have an idea. Since the mod is free to download (you dont need any games to play it) how about we make an event to get people gathered to play the game? Lately we hardly reach 100 players and it would be great if you guys could lend us some support!


If you want to read about the game and visit forums please go to the following link: www.lambdawars.com


Thank you for your attention.

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