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Gameserver: ZS

Age: 13. But please, don't bias me for being this, I am not a idiot. I use proper spelling, when I am not joking about (which I do alot)

Country of origin: England.

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I enjoy playing games, and when I see noobies, I normally help them out. I've done this for a while, and I think I am fit because:

* Helpful


* Patient

* Willing to help with all problems.

* Sense of humor.

* Willing to give a second chance.

I've been playing ZS, for a total of..god only knows. Ever since I got GMod I think, That was in January last year. Or this year. I think...

Don't bias me for my age, I am actally mature.

Thats all.

And plus, i've JUST registered.

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Okay, reasons why you don't will be admin.

*Plenty of admins are on for ZS

*You are 13, just too young, sorry.

You can still be mature though you're 13, but it's about if you have the right judgement so you are able to judge fair in some cases.

Also error: Actually* ;)

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