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List of maps that should be deleted or fixed

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

zs_lost_coast_house - Too small. Just like my room. Bad crate placement
zs_insurance - Not prefect for runing. Hard to cade, because bad crate placement (But not bad map at all)
zs_port_v5 - Almost impossible to run, because small map. Pretty hard to cade, because no good props and much idiots players

zs_trainstation - Hard to run. Hard to cade, because bad crate placement. And I stucked on spawn as Hate II

zs_nastierhouse_opt_v2 - This isn't running map. But cade we can't. Because we can't move sofas etc. And bad crate placement

zs_gasdump_b4 - Stupid objective. Bad weapons


P.S. this is all just my small opinion. And probably  I was pretty angry when wrote all this descriptions for maps.

P.P.S. also I can be wrong with map name :D I will fix if I will see wrong names

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  • Greens

Seems logical enough. I will remove those maps when I am online next.

Also sub part4 is killing us I noticed so I will remove it as well.

We will have to put up with it until Reiska gets his powers you see.

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Guest AleksCore

And here is still very very big problem. People that destroy cades. Even if they don't destroy, they bring props to be prop killed by zombies or caders just stuck in thousand of props around

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Guest AleksCore

Don't delete subv pt 4 :D the only good map. If some people can't crouch jump - its their problems. ZS without crouch jump - this is not zs

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