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Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore


Band: Dead Silence Hides My Cries

Album: The Wretched Symphony

Released: 2010

Country: Belarus

Genre tags: Metalcore / Synths / Piano / Symphonic / Electronic


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Band: Ska-p

Album: 99%

Released: 5/3/13

Country: Spain

Genre: Ska? Rock i guess

Fav song: África Agónica




1. «Full Gas (Instrumental)» 03:08
2. «Canto a la rebelión» 04:38
3. «Ciudadano papagayo» 04:08
4. «Pandemia S.L.» 04:02
5. «Se acabó» 04:07
6. «Ska-Pa» 03:52
7. «Marinaleda» 04:23
8. «Alí Babá» 02:53
9. «Victoria» 03:21
10. «Bajo vigilancia» 04:01
11. «Maquis» 05:03
12. «Oniómanos» 03:18
13. «¿Quiénes sois?» 04:08
14. «Radio falacia» 03:28
15. «África agónica»

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Band/Singer: Example

Album: Live Life Living

Released: 7 July 2014

Country: England

Genre Tags: POP, Hip-Hop





- Example - Next Year

- Example - Kids Again

- Example - One More Day (Stay With Me)

- Example - 10 Million People

- Example - Only Human

- Example - Seen You

- Example - Can't Face The World Alone

- Example - Live Life Living

- Example - All The Wrong Places

- Example - Take Me As I Am

- Example - At Night

- Example - Longest Goodbye

- Example - New Friends

- Example - Full Eclipse

- Example - One Last Breath

- Example - Innocent Minds

- Example - All The Wrong Places (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

- Example - Kids Again (MOTi Remix)

- Example - Kids Again (Dimension Remix)

- Example - Kids Again (Zed Bias Remix)

- Example - Kids Again Critikal Miami Sunrise Remix)

- Example - All The Wrong Places (Quintino Remix)

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Band: Circa Survive

Album: Descensus

Released: 2014

Country: Pennsylvania, USA.

Genre tags: Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Experimental


This album has been my favorite for a while in this particular genre. The lyrics and the composition is spot on. My favorite song from this album would be this:

Actually got into these guys by Saosin and I'm glad that I did. Anthony's voice is so soothing. I'm always a fan of vocalist that sing in a higher vocal range. The track "Imaginary Enemy" And "Get out" which aren't from this album, Would be a great exhibition of his vocal range.  Also, Their album artwork is so unique and amazing.  aightimdonefanboying.

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Guest AleksCore

Nice taste Quad_Tube


But I like to listen more modern music. Try this (blows mind, literally) and from really modern and new: this (I seen this guys life btw. Just space music. Also fully blows mind.)


From my side, I promise to listen to Flying in a Blue Dream album, I think it's worth it.

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Band: 2cellos

Album: Celloverse

Genres: Cello rock, instrumental rock, classical crossover

Artists: Luka Šulić & Stjepan Hauser



Here are examples:




Track List

1 The Trooper (Overture)
2 I Will Wait
3 Thunderstruck (Intro)
4 Thunderstruck
5 Hysteria
6 Shape of My Heart
7 Mombasa
8 Time
9 Wake Me Up
10 They Don’t Care About Us
11 Live and Let Die (feat. Lang Lang)
12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
13 Celloverse



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Guest AleksCore
On 04.05.2015 at 10:37 PM, Quad_Tube said:
Band: Joe Satriani
Album: Flying in a Blue Dream
Released: 1989
Country: TBC
Genre tags: Instrumental rock

Thanks for this album! I am listening to it much and love it! :thanks:

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