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Cheeseman's Admin Application


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Gameserver: ZS
Age: 23
Country of origin: United States
Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dayofcheese/
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


Most people who play ZS know who I am. I know I am not the most active person on the forums but I am working on it. I personally prefer to play on the server than to post. I'm not applying for admin so that I can fuck around with people. I'm applying because since Duby left and with the way the game mode stands right now we could use more admins. Here are the three main reasons why I believe we need more (trustworthy) admins on ZS:


1. Getting stuck. With the unstuck command disabled, getting stuck happens surprisingly often. This could be hate getting stuck or humans getting stuck in props. I myself have gotten stuck when supply crates spawned. This is a common problem with this game mode and if we don't have an unstuck command then I think we need to have more admins to handle players constantly getting stuck. 


2. Low level nailing. With the hammer given at such a low level there is a need for monitoring Kleiners running around with hammers nailing random crap. I've had it happen when Reiska was on so that wasn't an issue but I have also had it also happen when there were no admins on which leads me to my next reason...


3. Time zone differences. We have no admins who live in the United States or who are at least in the same time zone (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc.). A lot of the time when I am playing at night my time there will be no admins online in steam friends because I assume...they are all sleeping. If the server is to be more popular in different time zones then I think ideally we should aim to have at least one admin on at all times to handle the various issues that tend to piss players off.


I have owned my own ZS server many eons ago and of course had admin powers. I think I'm a pretty fair person when it comes to being an admin. I always give them a chance to stop whatever they shouldn't be doing. I have and use my mic, right now the only admin who uses a mic is Reiska. Mics allow you to help new or naughty players more easily because you can tell them a lot without having to risk dying by typing a long message into chat which most admins wouldn't do.


Well I guess that's it. Just remember, no one regrets eating cheese :lol:.

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