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Froyax - Amind Aplication


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Game Server: MIX/MTA
NickName: Froyax


Real name:  Josué Guerrero
Age: 16
Country of origin: Venezuela
Average weekly playtimeI am normally very active in the server, i play 3-5 hours per day, and weekends, 4 to 6 hours
Link to Steam Community profile*:  N/A


Minecraft name **:N/A


Languages able to communicate in:  Español - Middle English (I am perfecting)-I want to learn, French, Portuguese


Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: 


Well, one of my reasons is that I see that this community is constantly growing, and as it grows, new players appear, and with this aparecen jugadores those who are considered cheaters, trolls , hackers etc. this leads to the breaking of rules,like other players who want to be managers say, there are always players who win for an error, or we see any maps with errors in them. And as we know, when an administrator left the server, this occurs. I am a friendly person, I like to help other people, ie I am willing to help all new players and explain rules, what is wrong in the game, which is fine, etc. I've had management experience in other games, oh yes, I'm aware of the work it takes to do this role. In addition to being an administrator, I aim to be friendly with the community, be friends with everyone, not just the server requires an administrator pure enforce rules also need a friend who will listen and help you solve your problems or as much as possible. and so, I am aware of what I have to be an administrator, so I ask you this opportunity to accept me, and so help this community and continue to grow, thanks for your attention.


Things about me: I'm 16, I live with my mother in Venezuela, i practice soccer, the days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm in high school,if they see me in the game, I was busy ,studying, practicing, doing chores or would not have internet , so my hobby is to be on the MTA.think I'll stick around long time


PD:Sorry if it was a bit long post, but I want to clarify my expectations, ignore my mistakes, nobody's perfect, thanks for reading.  :D  :D

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and with this aparecen jugadores those who


You should learn basic english and don't use translator, the admin team can't be talking with you while you don't know "too much english". I hope you learn it, good luck.

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