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Unban [KUT]Sp3c94


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4.Ummmm cena idk but I viewed that topic that children want me to ban for camp :D
5.Camping childrens post:http://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/16000-ban-kutreq-and-kutsp3c94/#entry132622
6.I'm not camper :) And why me ban if i was not in the server now but 1 time i was it was like in a morning time to go into server. + I was here in server and was 1 time camping but always i can't do this so pretty sure that children is a new guy of me.Children children... What I've done that you can ban me for camping 1 time?...

7.- serial BF6A5492F37489E203B6562110978053

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Yes i know that provide video but 1 time camping? omg... And I can't then change the car to do the bmx or bike or something please unban I'm not camper like other just 1 time camped and I will get ban? omg... Really good admins. But others why others don't ban? like now idk.


P.S. why you not banning other players that are cheater timed or camping? why always me for 1 camp? this is srsly good server....

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