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HL2DM co-op event

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Ywa and I are planning to hold a HL2 DM co-op event tonight at 8:00 PM GMT+1 (Dutch time). The server password will provided in this topic. If everyone could come it's sure to be fun :-)

Server IP




Half-Life 2 Deathmatch can be downloaded for free if you have an Ati or Nvidia graphics card.

EDIT: Now live!

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1st - dont have HL2DM

2nd - Its my birthday meal tonight, so i cant >:

1st - you can easily get it

2nd - You can invite them to play too! :V

I'm in :P (I'f im allowed ofc) how many spots are there in the server? :o


Holy shit. IF it gets full, I'm playing some other game. I think 32 is too much already.

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u cant the engine only can have 32 players

The Source limit supports 64 players. But HL2MP is limited to 16 and hard-limited to 32.

No source engine can have 64 players but hl2mp cannot, only can have 32 players... the only games can have 64 players is gmod and css other ones can only have 32 whit the exception of l4d can only have 8

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