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Someone copied and locked my nickname [MTA]

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Hey HEllo Mr.Green Admin i just have a quick request on Banning or unlocking my nickname, here is the story:


I joined the KR Clan not long ago on your Race server in the Nickname of KR|Noon ans i didn't know you could actually lock nicknames on your server so the day after i connected and surprisingly my nick was automatically changing to Guest with a number so i wondered how it could be even possible that i can't call myself with my own nickname, later in the day i asked Sandysweet, KR|Megas Jack123 et how it was happening and they told me someone locked my nickname when i was offline, so i now play under the nickname KR|Nooon.


The fake me is French ( Of course ) and often connects in the server trying to make people think i'm a dick that can't drive etc... 


For any proof or witness you can ask :





Screenshot of him saying "You had to protect your nickname loser" in french ( Can easily be translated) 

"il fallais proteger ton nick loser"




i would like him to get banned or at least unlock my nick and punish him for his behavior, thanks a lot.




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Hi everyone,


i can confirm this, he not just stole drumzzy's nick but also is blocking people, even own "teammates" (he's not in our clan for real so he doesn't care). I don't know how stupid must be someone who steals someone else's nick.


I hope that screenshot is such a big proof for at least unlocking nick KR|Noon but i would be happier if that stupido will get a ban for a long time.

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I second what Drumzzy and Proxik said above^. And I think I know this guy. First he copied PizzaGuy's nick and was "PizzaGay", then he copied my older nick - MegasXLR, and was "MegasGAY". Both these examples some french idiot did this. I'm 99% sure that it's him again! You need to do smth to stop him or he'll just steal nicks forever :(


Edit : OK, had no idea that Drumzzy was from France as well x)

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