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Gameserver: CS:S Surf

CS:S name: TheProdigy (This is my main name, sometimes I change it, but this is just the usual name I use)

Age: 15

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well, I am a sensible person and I am studying Forensic Science (so I have to be justified, EDIT:I have signed up for this thing that allows me to go out of school to do a course)(a lovely grade recommendation of A/B in my GCSE's :D), I am a regular on the server and will be able to enforce rules of the server finely and quickly. It is my understanding that there are only few admins logged on to the Surf server (except from kniight/knii) and sometimes he isn't even on, or is making a map. I have been admin on many different servers before, this is one of the few Source Mod admin servers I have been on. I wish to make sure hackers and cheaters stay away from this server. I will be tough on people, but at the same time, extremely nice to people too. I will never use admin 'powers' in any other way but to do good. I am a friendly person (I'm sure kniight can back me up there, hopefully :D).

And thats about it, oh hold on, did I say I was sensible :)

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