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Ban WuZiMu!

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First of all sorry for attaching the images in a .rar file but I didn't want to make this post 10km long :)

This guy WuZiMu (blue color) first added himself to my clan KR| without asking anyone. I told him politely to leave, he said no. Then I killed him for blocking two times (SandySweet also killed him for the same reason) and he started insulting everyone. The server, the owner, admins, players, everybody. Below are the pics I took. Oh yeah and, he's from Turkey. Why do turks always block, ram and insult :(

Oh yeah, and me and Sandy tried to votekick him and guess what, nothing :'(

Anyone who was there at the time can confirm what I said above or add something I've missed!

Ban WuZiMu.rar

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