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Mr. Green Gaming

I made a HUD at 3AM


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  • Greencoins shouldn't be part of the health hud.
  • The greencoins text also switches between information on level/xp requirements.
  • I personally don't think there should be a class icon since it serves no purpose. This is just a preference.
  • The general hud looks too big compared to the current one.
  • Is that arial font?


Apart from that it looks a lot more stylish than mine.

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the hud in comparison is actually roughly the same size, the font is just smaller on the current one

arial font is a placeholder for whatever the server is using (i hate all the grunge fonts zs servers use, its very unprofessional)


so ill move greencoins up to the top again, id like to see a bar that fills up to display xp till next level imo


the icon is for looks, not everythign will be functional (its gotta look the part)


(save the image and blow it up to its full 1920/1080 size and it shoudl look alot better)

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Greencoins have been moved, class icon removed, some font sizes have been adjusted (font is not the decided font)


I feel we need to keep the health at the bottom left as its what majority of games have and so will otherwise confuse people


im assuming you lot are ok with the crate arrow going in that top right corner


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