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Mr. Green Gaming

Mr. Green Clan?

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I came up with the idea, if Mr. Green had clan?


We can make topic for clan "Clan Applications".



-Age: (ex. 29)


-Country Of Origin: (ex. england)


-Ingame Name: (ex. Terminator)


-Previous Or Current Clans: (ex. =FoX=, SiK)


-Languages and assess your English 1-10: (ex. Slovenian, English. I asses my English 7)


-Computer Specs: (CPU, Memory, Video Card)


-Why will you be a good addition to Mr. Green: (ex. I think I would make a good addition to Mr. Green, because I have a lot of experinences, I'm so helpful and friendly to other players.)


-Video Of Your Racing In Our Server:




Be like Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)


Newbie members: Mr-n: <playername> (ex. Mr-n. Alenator)


Real member: Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)


Admins of any servers: Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)


TopCrew: Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)


Managers: Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)


Greens: Mr. <playername> (ex. Mr. Alenator)




Newbie, Real Members


R: 0

G: 255

B: 0

Alpha: 255




R: 0

G: 255

B: 255

Alpha: 255




R: 255

G: 0

B: 0

Alpha: 255




R: 128

G: 0

B: 255

Alpha: 255




R: 0

G: 153

B: 0

Alpha: 255


I just suggested my idea and you can update it or decline it.


I would ask, if you can keep our stats in order they won't reset, because I have a lot of wins, checkpoints, traveled distance ...     JUST IF YOU CAN

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Guest AleksCore

2much colored text (with that BOLD style lel) can't read sorry

The only thing I agree - we need normal statistics in game (connected to mr green account)

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