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Megas abusing admin privileges

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So let's start by saying that i'm am not that active on this forum so it's not for nothing that i'm on here.


I've been in the KR clan that has as his leader Megas. I’ve been in that clan for a while now, and I’ve been hesitating for a a couple weeks to leave.

It has several reasons,


1. Megas want's to be treated as a hero, might you decide to treat him otherwise you get a kill from him.

2. Whenever megas fails a map the map has got to be deleted.

3. Whenever someone touches his vehicle there will be a vote kick.


Well this was a problem for a while now, but given that today i got killed two times in a row. When I requested him not to abuse his admin privileges i got the awnser ”I will” and my second kill. 


When I think of an admin I think of a person who is dedicated to the server, not someone who makes people leave the server that have been playing by the rules for a couple of years now.


I'm not the first with this problem but probably the first to say something about it.


I hope this will be taken seriously as this can ruin your server.



Greetings Reno.


I got a screenshot attached to this post.

(PS. sorry for the bad english)



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