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Sky block

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During the map san andreas journey 3 ( I guess ) I was going 1st all the time and sky had like 2 dozers (as he said). So he takes a hustler and decides to follow the first 3 players at the end. He is not collecting checkpoints but just following and trying to ram first three players. Turns out I am the victim. His hustler was burning at last checkpoint and he killed me. I couldn't finish the 6 minute long map which I was always first during it. I request ban.


(In the screenshot you can clearly see the message "Sky has given you his fire".

(And that blue ring right there is the finish checkpoint.)




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Friend or not friend, it doesn't matter. If someone trying to spoil the game, this kind of people should be removed.
You're the player like others, if you know it will be a failure, please don't spoil the game for the others players.

Such behaviour should be punished and please admins would have done what belongs to them.

Thank you.


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