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[T.M.I]STR8KASH aka Granderski blocking all the time !


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Attached are just a few examples of that dude blocking me and other players. If you want don't close this thread so I can update it with more screenshots and videos.


1. In the video you can clearly see how he's blocking me at 00:35.

2. In 01:20 he does a 180 and waits for me (to block me again).

3. In 01:48 you see him going full speed into the wall, wanting to smash me in it.

4. In 01:59 you see how he's blocking multiple players at once.

5. In the screenshot he was again, blocking me as always -_-


PS Sorry about the crappy video quality but I can't upload files bigger than 64MB :D

Grander Block #1.zip

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