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[Admin Application] SurvivoR

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Gameserver: Mr.Green Surf Server / Mr. Green CSS | SURFING | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 14

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hai, I'm Survivor. I Have Alot Admin Experience; I went admin on 6 servers b4.

I want everyone to have a goodtime ingame while they're following the rules,,

I Speak fluently English. Im very active ingame.

My good friend Kniight refered me to here. He said that they needed some admins etc. so I came thru ^^

If some admins need to talk to me:

Steam: 3NL

MSN: [email protected]




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When you write an admin app. try not to use l33t speak or similar things like that. It makes it out that you can't think of real words to put down.

But I can't really complain about age, it's never the age you should be concerned about, it's the personality.

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