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Alenator Admin Application


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Gameserver: MTA San Andreas Mr. Green Race/Mix

Age: 14

Country of origin: Slovenia

Link to Steam Community profile *: -

Minecraft name **: -

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: My ingame name is Alenator and real name Alen. I am playing Mr. Green Race/Mix 3 years (17.5.2012 - 17.5.2015). I know a lot of players, admins and maps. I want to be an admin, because I want to help to players (specially to new players), learn them racing, making maps and something new. I am working on my English and on racing to getting better and better. I never blocked or killed anyone, because blocking and killing without reason is disrespectful for me. I am usually on server 12:00-18:00 (GMT +02:00). If I become an admin, I promise that I will be more respectful, helpful and more communicative to players.



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Ok LOL Sky

Anyways, I've known Alen for some time now and he's a good player (PRO xD) and never insults or has problems with anyone. Yes, he is younger. So what. Sometimes younger guys behave better than much older than them! Good luck bro :mr-green:

I agree. Good luck Alen.
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