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New (Stroth) race map


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This is the new topic for all my new (upcoming) maps.






Objective: to create more race maps than Pachanga (there are 96 mapnames starting with 'Pachanga').


Created maps:


RACE server

1.   Stroth StreetRacing Los Santos v2.0

2.   Stroth StreetRacing San Fierro

3.   Stroth StreetRacing Las Venturas

4.   Stroth StreetRacing Vinewood

5.   Stroth Offroad Bayside

6.   Stroth Offroad Desert

7.   Stroth Nine Years MrGreen

8.   Stroth GTA V Franklin

9.   Stroth GTA V Michael

10. Stroth Drift San Fierro Airport

11. Stroth GTA V Police

12. Stroth GTA V Trevor *

13. Stroth Ameno *

14. Stroth Bus Simulator *

15. Stroth Carbage Run

16. Stroth Power *

17. Stroth Truck Simulator *

18. Stroth Survival

19. Stroth GTA IV Niko

20. Stroth M&M Factory

21. Stroth GTA IV Playboy X

22. Stroth Stunt Driver

23. Stroth Barrel Blast

24. Stroth Burj El Arab

25. Stroth Flight Simulator



Deleted (on my request):

- Stroth Broken Bridge

- Stroth Dubai

- Stroth Sheikh Style I

- Stroth Industrial Airport *

- Stroth CoreMania *

- Stroth Motor Speedway



MIX server

1.   [NTS] Stroth StreetRacing San Fierro

2.   [NTS] Stroth Nine Years MrGreen

3.   [NTS] Stroth The Desert *

4.   [NTS] Stroth Motor Speedway

5.   [NTS] Stroth Burj El Arab

6.   [DD] Stroth Merry Christmas


* = Core Markers included!






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  • 4 weeks later...

Stroth StreetRacing Los Santos disappeared from the map system after yesterday's crash.


I removed the link in my previous post, so admins (Kalibwoy) couldn't add it again during the process of fixing the server.


I decided to update my map Los Santos map:

- bigger checkpoints

- map description

- greater finish location

- well known 'stroth billboards'

- and some other small things


It would be nice if it could be uploaded soon.


Download link:


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