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Toptimes and nitro update

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Hello everyone, we made some changes today that need some more details.





We have a new toptimes script and are not going to import old toptimes into it. This means a fresh start for every map. The old toptimes are still stored, they won't be deleted.





  • Need a gc account to have tops now
  • Old toptimes are still visible with /showtimes
  • You can see your amount of toptimes with /tops (/oldtops for old toptimes)
  • You can see your personal best toptime per map
  • On the last line the best top of the month will be shown

The new top1 reward is 5 gc * amount of months of tops after two months.

Players will get a reward for the amount of monthly tops they have * 5 GC and an extra reward (20 GC)  if they had the most monthly tops (also after 2 months).






A lot has changed for nitro, you can now choose between 3 styles in settings:

  • old
  • hybrid (click to turn nitro on, click to turn off)
  • nfs (hold for nitro)

There's also some changes with nitro ingame:

  • Nitro state and count is now saved on respawn
  • Nitro state stays activated when driving through a nitro pickup (so it only refills)
  • Nitro state and count stays the same on vehicle changes (pickup and checkpoint)






We now have ghost times for race, nts and rtf. If you don't like the feature, you can disable (all) parts in settings:

  • Enable ghost recording: enable this to record your races and send them to the server
  • Enable local ghost: locally shows your personal best ghost time on a map
  • Enable best ghost: shows the best ghost time on a map

If you made a toptime on a map and don't want the ghost to show your secret sc, you can use /deleteghost on a map with your ghost to remove it. Admins also can use /deleteghost on any map.






The fps limit is now set to unlimited (=100). If you want to lower it you can do so in settings.





That's all I think, there will probably be bugs to fix and tweaks to be made, let us know in a comment!


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- It would be nice if there's a visual indicator (perhaps above the map?) that tells you when it's on and off. When switching cars, it's not so obvious.

Top TImes:

- The new UI looks nice, but could there be a toggle that chooses between MM-DD and DD-MM? Was weird seeing the day before the month.

- Maybe widen the F5 box to incorporate years?

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Top TImes:- The new UI looks nice, but could there be a toggle that chooses between MM-DD and DD-MM? Was weird seeing the day before the month.

 LOL These americans...
Hahahaha only Americans see the month before the day, right?
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