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  1. HEY, I made this poll because I think we need a change on mix server. I think it's got boring to play a map 3 times in a row, even if it's a long NTS or long big jump SH rounds. I have 2 suggestions how it could be better. You can choose between 3 options. 1. Play again only once. We could vote for play again the map like now, but only once. 2. Play ALL the maps twice. We couldnt vote for the maps, server would play EVERY map twice, and that's it. 3. Don't change it. It's good as it is now, dont change it. Please tell me your opinion about this. Thank you for your attention.
  2. mr.reese

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Hey, Please set the map rotate to totally random. It's annoying u get the same maps all the time and there are maps which won't get play for months. Thanks.
  3. mr.reese

    Ban Haraz - Lagger

    Hey, Haraz is lagging 24/7 on the server and no one bats an eye. His ping is jumping around all day long which is totally his fault and it's not about location. I asked mods and admins about it but they said nothing so I had to make this post. Ban him please, he won't change that, because he can't change that, if he could, he would already done that. If you won't ban him, explain me why. Thanks
  4. mr.reese

    Rate the song above you!

    5/10 average
  5. mr.reese

    CTF, DL and MH

    I think CTF is a fun gamemode it shouldnt be delete, instead of deleting admins should delete only shit maps. There are several really nice CTF maps on the server and there are lots of shit maps. I think if you just keep 10-15 nice maps it could be more fun. MH needs upgrade and also deleting shit maps. It's really fun on bigger maps but on small maps it has got no point. If you don't have time or don't have someone to upgrade it, should be delete, it's outdated. Personally I think that DL is bad and it should be delete.
  6. mr.reese

    MAPS !

    Make more flat area sh maps PLEASE. We don't have like 56 other FLAT SH MAPS. PLEASE DO MORE! Map manager: Please upload the 526th flat SH map pls!!! NEVER ENOUGH!!!
  7. mr.reese

    Ownership Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

    Really thank you for your work, this is my favorit server on MTA. Really nice server, but i'd like to suggest you some changes, I hope you will think about it. 1. Language chat Please, add language chat to the server. Lots of turkish, arab, russian and other players use their own language on the main chat which is annoying. Keep main chat only english and others could use language chat on a different tab like in the picture below. 2. Laggers I don't want to ask you to set the ping limit lower again, because i admit it you will never change it. (I don't really understand why, epxlain me.) I'd rather like to ask you to punish those players who have lags because of their own fault. There are players who join to the server while they are downloading or with unstable ping in general. There are players who have unstable fps because of their PC for example MR|T1N3R. I don't know why no one deal with this problem, so I'd like to ask you to give admins a right to kick these kind of laggers. 3. Teams member limit Please, set a member limit to teams. I'd like to talk only one team which is Mother Russia. This clan has a lot of members it's out of control. In these days server hasn't got a lot of players, so this problem really effect gameplay. There are several times i join to the server and there are more MR players than other players (for example: 6MR vs 1 KoM, 2 Aos, and 2 non-team players). They are teaming ofc and they attack players 3v1, 4v1 what is totally unfair and players just quit if they get killed this way all the time. These 3 things are the most important problems on the server in my opinion and I wanted to highlight them to you. Keep up the nice work and try to keep server clean. Thank you.
  8. mr.reese

    GPU problem? pls help me

    Yes, I tried almost everything and it still doesn't work. I will take it to the service shop tomorrow. Thank you for your help guys.
  9. mr.reese

    GPU problem? pls help me

    I think it's not the monitor because I'm using it right now (safe mode) and i tried 2 different one. When i turn on my PC and Windows loading it's totally fine, but when i should login to my account it's getting this colorful shit... I think my GPU just died, but I'm hoping for some answers which could help me. If there's no solution i will take it to the service on Monday.
  10. Yo guys, 2 days ago I was playing MTA like every other day and suddenly some stripes appeared on my screen. After a few mins the stripes multiplied and it was like a collapse so i restarted my pc and it was working fine but today i turned on my PC and it was like this: It works fine at safe mode, so I disabled my video card at device manager then i restarted the PC, after that I tried to reinstall the driver but didn't help. What could be the problem? My GPU just died?
  11. mr.reese

    unbann request

    good luck i miss u
  12. mr.reese

    Insults/ provokes

    Truth is almost every player insult but only those get punish who got report. STOP SNITCHING
  13. mr.reese

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Manhunt could be a really nice mode, but it needs some changes. -First of all someone should delete shit maps and only keep the good ones. -There's a bug when the victim play in ghost mode and he can get repair easily so he won because of the bug. -I think it would be awesome if the victim could fire rockets like u can do it in sh or have a minigun with cooldown time and others try to shoot him with pistols. He could defend himself more because now really hard to survive. What do you think about this?
  14. I would pay 20 euros/month to make a server with only SH and make mix great again with only NTS, NTS-DD, CTF, RTF and + 2 new gamemodes withouth SH. 

    1. KneeLzy


      Try to imagine how many players Mr.Green would lose if cena decide to delete this mode. There are plenty of SH only servers already so if people enjoying only it they would go there. I guess you don't like SH mode just because you are bad at and newbies can kill you easily that would be the main problem for you. :))

    2. V4POR


      I agree with Reese.

      NTS is the gamemode you can only play on mrgreen,it should deserve an own server.

      Kneelzy's response was childish btw.

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