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[Map Edit] zs_ventilation

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Hello. I found out from Aiur that there is a secret room on this map, that only some know about it. I decided to make it public. Also, i fixed the fans (the core of this map).

//taken down for another edit - please test it and see what you think.

Features - Fixed Leak.

- Dimmed the Lights.

- Fixed fans and the big door, the one in front of the zombie spawn.

- Added teleport to the secret room. The teleport is in the tunnel that gets you sucked to death. If you teleport to the secret room, after 60 seconds, you will die. You can't hide forever there. There is an exit teleport, too.

- Replaced some textures.

- Func_detailed where i could.

I tried making it "clean", but the map itself is "dirty" at the core. Dirty brush work,etc. :/

Try it!

.... also zs_bog_pubremakev2g.rar . Requested by Ywa. Feature : - added a long vent from the underground tunnel (the one underneath the small house) to the room with my name painted on the wall. If you camp more than 5 minutes in the vent, you will die.

Edited by -N7-BloodGuard Deluvas
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