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Garrysmod Lua Tutorial Series


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Hello you lovely bunch of pot smoking alcoholics! ^^




For some time I've had an idea, this is an idea which I really want to peruse. But I firstly want your feedback! ;)



So lets start from the top.


I want to give something back to the Gmod community. I have had so much help and support with my coding and developing my idea's on how code should work and operate. So I want to do the same for others!



I have created my first Garrysmod Base gamemode! aka a Skeleton gamemode.


This is the very basics you need to create a Garrysmod gamemode. I want to create a forum text based tutorial series in which I will be developing idea's and code for you all to follow and learn from. This will give you the tools and the understanding to create something of your own!


I know from experience trying to create a garrysmod gamemode with next to no knowledge of Lua can be difficult and time consuming. So this will be your kick starter!



This will also allow for a great deal of others to come and give their idea's and swing on coding styles and showcase their creations!


If this is to launch, it will become a proper sub section on the forums allowing for it be be maintainable and structured. 



I hope I can get some positive feedback and idea's on this!






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  • Greens

I have lots of nice idea's for this. I could even do demonstrations on how you can get your gamemode to interact with maps you create Via Hammer editor using custom entities and triggers etc.. 



This is the sort of thing that will get more interest once there is content to show etc...

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