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Organized list of complaints:


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Since the discussion topic is absolutely flooded with nothing but butthurt comments from people who probably haven't even looked at the gamemode in the longest time, I feel as if it's appropriate to make my own separate thread for all of this nonsense.  Unlike most of the community I want to get somewhere with the gamemode.  Today I played a good 5-6 rounds of ZS with 5-10 players and I've finally come to a conclusion for what needs to be fixed, so here's my list of complaints.


Bugs, Glitches, and General Gameplay problems:


Colourmod: Contrary to popular opinion I like the colourmod, and I like the idea of dampening the color of the map to create a black/white dreary effect to add to the scenery and make the color red "pop" more and stand out to add more effect to the gore/blood (the game Killing Floor 2 rings a bell).  The only problem is the fact that there's a lot more red things in ZS than just blood.  Player models, props, weapons, map entities such as trees or walls, etc.  Instead of making the entire color red look disgustingly bloom-filled or having to turn off colourmod to lose the cinematic feel of the dull gray washed out look, change the texture of blood/gore to something brighter or "shinier" (if coding allows, maybe you can make blood textures look brighter that way, one less download to worry about).


Heartbeat bug: This one has existed for a long time, since the gamemode released.  On rare occasion, a players heartbeat would bug out and not stay attached to the player, rendering it impossible to find them unless you're in direct line of sight.  Another well-known bug is that heartbeats sometimes don't properly show up on CS:S CT playermodels (however it is known to VERY RARELY occur on other playermodels). 


!Unstuck: Something that's desperately needed, Garry's Mod hitboxes are notoriously buggy.  and the amount of times I get stuck in a zombie or a prop and cannot move without someone else's help is far too many.  Unstuck needs to be revised and re-added, since it's obvious trying to fix hitboxes themselves has failed like 4 times now.


Handling props: Probably the undisputed #1 thing that causes the most stress and ragequitting is retarded people ruining the barricade because they don't know how to go away.  while a player is holding a prop, it should be entirely no-collided to avoid people getting in the way and ruining the fun for everyone else.  "But what about when the prop is nailed, won't they be stuck in the prop?".  I'm no coder, and I don't know the ease of doing this.  But to entirely render this problem null make it so the player is soft-collided with the prop until he gets free (bonus points if it's possible to code a "magnet" type of system, where players get pulled out of the prop towards the nearest player until he is fully out of the prop).  Keep in mind this is NOT suggesting the ability to phase through props, this is just to almost entirely remove the chance of mingebags ruining barricades.  Which brings me onto my next topic.




Engineer: Probably the most overpowered class in the game, a modern-day Beserker.  Engineer gets a turret, prox mine, pistol, and melee (and a pulse pistol perk).  Lets look at the Engineer in TF2 for a second, he gets a fairly weak set of weapons (shotgun, pistol, and wrench) but he's given a range of buildings to support him, the sentry is ridiculously powerful and makes up entirely for the fairly weak set of weapons.  He relies entirely on his buildings.  The same should be applied to the Engineer in ZS.  Weak weapons, but a strong turret and prox mines.  Make the turret entirely free aim (would require a lot of work) and buff prox mines.  Pulse Pistol needs a big nerf, Pulse SMG needs a slight fire rate reduction, and Pulse Rifle needs a slight damage nerf and firing speed nerf.  There currently is no downside to losing or putting up a turret (if the 20SP requirement for deploying a turret is still supposed to be here, it doesn't work, also placing turrets is fucking painful, pls fix). Also bring back C4 dammit. 


Support: Literally nobody plays this class except the few regs that like barricading (which is not many at all.).  The Support is only useful for barricading and barricading ONLY, so nobody plays it.  A lot of people forget that Support can heal turrets (which is REALLY useful).  Bring back the blowtorch, and make it turret exclusive and the hammer nail exclusive.  (Also why does Sharpshooter have mobile supplies? Give that to support).


Pyro: Despite the astounding amount of backlash this class gets, I think it's pretty enjoyable.  The only problem is it is basically just wasted potential at this point.  The Pyro has a limited (but pretty good) weapon selection and the only thing that sets him apart is the fact that he can set things on fire.  Either overhaul it or remove it outright.


Medic: This class is pretty straight-forward.  It's fun to play and the collection of weapons is pretty good.  The only real problem I'm having is the fact that Medic is just as weak as everyone else.  Medic should have a slightly higher resistance to be able to support the team.




Headcrabs: Ridiculously powerful, headcrabs do 10 damage per attack and attack at ridiculous rates.  Headcrabs are supposed to be support, not the whole army.  Lower their damage to 5-7. 


Fast Zombie: Of all the classes that need revising, this one takes the cake.  Fast Zombies do good damage but attack too fast and have no drawback at all other than low health.  Fast Zombies over the years have been juggling between good and bad for as long as anyone can remember.  Re-add the system where fast zombies have a delay between attacks like Necrossin's gamemode.  This way fast zombies can still be as good as they are now without being steamrollers.  (If you think Fast Zombies are fine, just remember someone with low health cannot outrun a fast zombie while the fast zombie is attacking, meaning Fast Zombies can just lawnmower people with low-health and they can't do jack shit about it.)


Zombine: This class has been entirely destroyed over the years, it's been stripped of all it's original qualities and torn to pieces and it's sad.  Necrossins Zombine was the epitome of innovation.  Have a fat slow enemy with a ton of resistance and if he takes enough damage his armor is broken and the resistance goes away, making the zombine ridiculously fast and dangerous.  I like to equate the zombine to a Fleshpound, if you anger it you're gonna get fucked up.  Bring back this mechanic, the Zombine is the last class to be unlocked it should at least be good. 




Scaling: All the bosses should be big and scary, not small and hard to differentiate between the other zombies, it looks fucking pathetic.  One of the main limitations of a boss is the fact that he shouldn't be able to fit through vents and small spaces, but at the same time he's a towering behemoth too.  Which brings me to..


Behemoth: Does good damage, could be slightly higher.  Behemoth had an interesting mechanic where he took very little bullet resistance but a whole heaping ton of explosive and melee damage.  Bring this back but make the resistance considerably lower than it originally was. 


Hate: A force to be reckoned with, or at least should be.  Hate should have better explosive resistance and a VERY high damage (75-80) but with a very long attack cool-down.  


Hate II: An even bigger force to be reckoned with, but balancing issues still need to be considered.  Make each of the separate attacks do 45 damage and give him 5% resistance to bullets.


Seeker: Bring him back properly this time.  Seeker should do 60 damage and should be almost entirely invisible until he attacks.  When he attacks he should be 100% completely visible.  The lower health he's at, the harder it should be to see him.




Medic Shotgun: Fully automatic as originally designed, not this dumb looking "fire as fast as you can" semi-auto system.  Give it the same fire rate as the XM1014 and *SLIGHTLY* nerf the damage.  If it's semi-automatic, people can just spam the shit out of it and absolutely destroy poison zombies and zombines with ease. 


Shotgun: Absolutely fucking worthless, does almost no damage and needs a buff (I suggest giving it damage slightly lower than the Chipper).


Flare Gun: Nobody uses this and nobody wants to.  Make it more expensive, make it have a small explosion radius and buff the damage back up to 100.


Pulse Pistol: Nerf the damage a little bit, it's very powerful.


Proximity Mines: Give them an explosion delay, I've suggested this 5 times now and nothing has been done about it.  I don't need to blow up instantly from putting one down, another reason to bring back C4 as a secondary option. 


Weapon Drop System: Absolutely fucking broken, good concept but needs work.  Weapon drops should be clientside or at least can only be picked up by the person who earned the weapon, I don't need some guy with no kills stealing my well-earned weapons.




If needed I will move this to the designated suggestions thread, this thread may be updated in the near future.

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so make the prop damage threshold for humans higher? 


props flung at low velocity by teammates shouldn't deal damage, and because there's no easy way to get around exploiting func_physbox props to damage teammates (if there was an easy solution it would have been researched by now) the best solution right now would probably be to make it harder to damage players with props in general and increase the zombies prop killing potential.  Making it harder to kill teammates with props (potentially rendering it next to impossible depending on how much these 2 factors are changed) and still keeping the deadly propkilling we've all come to know and love.

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