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I've been wondering for a while now: Why isn't CTF_Turbine included in the map rotation of the CTF/CP server? It's an official map, it's open and gives the spy and sniper (and to some extent the scout) plenty of chances to shine, even in the hussle of a 32-man server. It's the only map that I feel is really missing in the rotation. And I do believe that most people prefer it over CTF_2Fort.

So yeah, why wasn't Turbine included in the rotation? Any particular reasons?

Also, on unrelated note: Pistol scripts, and scripts using the "wait" command causes players to crash on Mr. Green, due to the server variable "sv_allow_wait_command" being set to 1. I can understand this is used to block scripts that seem unfair, but a warning somewhere would be a nice touch. Some people need to alt-tab out of the game to undo their script, then restart the game to resume, whereas with a warning somewhere they could toggle the script off before playing.

Thanks for reading.

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