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Dan still blocking...


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fuck off rami, you killed only me because i was having a ram war with wes at finish.... go suck your friend wes off

useless pictures and lying moderators lol ... i post videos when i make report


@wes suck my dick u faggot french liar , you allways try to block me in nts and ctf

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Ram War? in your dreams nab u were fkn blocking me u can't see the difference between RAM and BLOCKING becuz you are a kid and even if you know the difference you're always lying telling bullshits to everyone...


Keep insulting me tard, keep that attitude please keep it, Im not the only player you're pissing off.


As I said yes I fucking ram you in the rules way, u don't know what is fair ram, u only know blocking now stop your bullshits. Your anger issue started the day I said fuck off cuz we were team and u killed me, u still the same kid.

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