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What are you doing at the moment?


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Listening to Deadmau5, looking for more Deadmau5, while thinking if I should play Resident Evil 5, and I am also looking over my newly neutered cat which recently went to sleep in my bed, while scrolling the rest of the interweb.

>:o resident evil 5 rocks i has it to :lol: you got it on xbox or ps3? if you have on xbox do you have gold? erm i just bought x-com trying to fix the video settings and sound for it... thats what trying to do and while im doing this im listening to mega man music :awesome:

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I'm trying to find something to eat, thinking about what problem my internet provider would have (because i can't play anything online), waiting for an answer from the isp (6th time, i think), listening to 30 second to mars - the kill, thinking about the good old time (2007), when i played zombie survival on good ol' green and sven-coop with good ol' friends.

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