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Please lift my ban until i get well again :(


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I have a special request. Cena banned me for insulting 3 days ago and he was right to do so. But this night i cought a bad cold and threw up on the floor :( I'm not asking for you to unban me completely but please unban me until i get better as now I'll be home the whole day and just wanna race in green. When i start going to school again I'll tell an admin personally to ban me again for one week. And if you see one insult or bad thing i say to another player, you'll ban me 2 weeks. I know i can't prove this but i never do jokes or lie about my health, i really am sick. I'll just race and maybe say hi to some guys i know. I can't spend every day lying in bed :'( but i also know banning me was right. So please let me play this week and when i get better I'll ask an admin to ban me 1 week for insulting again.

Hope you guys understand my position. If i hadn't cought this stupid cold I'd wait until my ban is over but now as always I'm the unlucky one.

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