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Hello, My name is Leeroy And i would like to apply for admin (like on mr greens zombie survival,which rocks)

I am 16 years of age and i am really careful with thinks, i accept the rules like warn kick then ban!,

I am admin on 4 servers and I NEVER abuse,anyone who knows me off Rebel rp (gmod) will probably know Ze Leet.

I read rules and obey as I said, i dont abuse like some people, and i only ban if it is neccesary,

Could You Pleaes Accept and if you need more Info about me just ask :lol:post-494-1247591338_thumb.jpg

EDIT:Could you please reply?

EDIT:Im a bit tired of waiting for reply, but i will wait some more D:

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Where the hell did they get the idea of posting pictures on a thread?

And it reads the same as that other guy, fatblokey.



im not double account and i never copied anything :3

soz about pictures :lol: and also i AM NOT fatblokey

Im [PG] Ze Leet OR [PG] ADK :D IROX(steam names not forum)

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