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Little help with editing IRC channel/resource please :)

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Hey guys, so recently I made an IRC channel for my server and now I (finally) got  +v on the server echobot so that's done. I have a few questions which I need answered though. Here goes :

1. How to remove "xxx player has died" messages from IRC channel? (and others similar if there are any)

2. How to make IRC display a text line in chat in-game when somebody enters the IRC channel? (...has joined IRC), same for quitting it.

3. How can I remove color codes from IRC? (Now it displays #FEFE22Megaz, I need/want it to display just Megaz, with no color codes)

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Guest AleksCore

1. If you use original IRC resource, try to remove lines 135-160 from echo.lua (onPlayerWasted handler and function)

2. I am lazy cunt

3. I am lazy cunt


Or use mr green irc resource, I guess it have all that you want

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function getNameNoColor(player)   return string.gsub (isElement(player) and getPlayerName(player) or '^', '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '' )   end

^this is in beginning of echo.lua

So I just gotta delete the following and save file?



or '^', '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', ''
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