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Iron Demon's app for MOD/ADMIN


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Gameserver: Mr Green's Zombie Survival.
Age: I am 15.
Country of origin: I am british i was born in the UK and still live there.
Link to Steam Community profile : 
Ingame name: Iron Demon.
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello my name is cameron and I am 15 i have seen this server develop by your many developers such as puffilet, clavus and robert the newest dev i know many people on the server such as alekscore, puflet and simon.

I've been a admin on many servers but retired from them so I have experience with this responsibility. I'd like to be a mod or admin because I have been on this server since 2012 but sadly had my old account hacked it uset to be cammy454 but my new account is Iron demon i love this server to bits so i want to keep it clean from bad experiences like trolls also i've noticed the lack of admins around plus with someone in the uk region as i am the uk people would know they are secured and safe by staff if people have problems they can just come to me and so and there's a lack of people during 3pm to 7pm cause all the us people are asleep so ive invited my friends to increase the servers player count.


P.S. i love u mr green's community hope to see more of u guys.




Thanks for reading :)


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