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Ghost Mode Always On for high ping players

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this "feature" sucks. you can never tell whos or whos not in "collisionless" mode, so whats the point.

Was about to say exact thing. Maybe people that are in it should be transparent (like if they have normal gm). Idk, something which visually displays that particular person is in noob mode.

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They are transparent and they have [bLOCKER] added to their name, if not it is broken

I actually removed the transparancy for collisionless because people thought it was ghostmode and complained(few months ago). It needs a better indication.

this "feature" sucks. you can never tell whos or whos not in "collisionless" mode, so whats the point.

The point of all of it is so that they cant lagg-ram people into oblivion. 


I didnt make it as a "hey look at me, i'm pushable " mode, but i made it as a counter for laggers ramming non lagging people, and we all know they can be a stone wall on the road.

Its real... always who have lower ping win.. in this situation.

Since higher ping and low fps can bring disadvantages for other people, its pretty fair.

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