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[Tutorial] How To Add Horn

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

Learn this before you continue reading.


If you already familiar with GitHub - you can add horn by yourself and SDK or other admins will accept or decline it.
If you aren't familiar with GitHub, visit this topic.
Let's go.


Resource responsible for horns called "gcshop". Location of this resource is: "Mr.Green-MTA-Resources\resources\[gameplay]\gcshop". So all our operations will be only inside this folder.



Step 1. Go to "\gcshop\horns\files" folder and scroll down to find out the index number for a last horn. Right now the last horn for me is "162.mp3". So our new horn will have index number "163". Rename your horn and copy in this folder.


Step 2. Open horns_c.lua (location: gcshop\horns\horns_c.lua) using notepad and find the line that starting with:   [162] =  


For me it's:


   [162] = "OH. MY. GOD.",  


And after this line add new line:


  [163] = "nice meme",  


Don't close this file yet, now find the next line that starting with: [162] = 


For me it's:


  [162] = "mp3",


So I add this line as next:


  [163] = "mp3",


Now our work with "horns_c.lua" is complitely done, so we can save this file and close.


Step 3. Open meta.xml (location: gcshop\meta.xml) using notepad and search for this line:


<file src="horns\files\162.mp3" download="false"/>


Add new line for your new horn:


<file src="horns\files\163.mp3" download="false"/>



That's all!

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