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TF2 Admin Application


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# Gameserver: TF2 server(s).

# Age: 19 (almost 20)

# Country of origin: Belgium

# Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well, I'm VforV and I love FPS games. :V I played CS, Day of Defeat, and now I'm playing a lot of TF2. I have some server admin experience, I was a server admin on the Mr. Green CS 1.6 server almost from the beginning, untill that server went down. :( I am a trusted community member for a couple of years now. :o I can make myself clear in English, Dutch and maybe a little bit of French.

The reason why I'm applying is that I do play a lot on the Mr. Green TF2 servers (they are the only TF2 servers I play on these days). Also, there need to be more admins, because the current admins aren't online that much. I've had seen it quite some times that there's an annoying player, AFK player, a blocker or a high pinger but no admin to kick him. I usually play on the payload server most of the time, or on the Arena server. But I have no problems playing on the CP server too.



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